358 anti climb fence

358 Anti climb fence is also called 358 High security fencing, Security fence ,358 fence,Prison Mesh Fence as it is also known, is a highly robust steel Mesh Fencing system.”358″ comes from its measurements 3″x0.5″x8 gauges which equates to approx 76.2mmx12.7mmx4mm(LengthxHeightxDiameter) in metric.358 security fences are extremely difficult to penetrate,with the small mesh aperture being effectively finger proof,and extremely difficult to attack using conventional hand tools.358 fences are recognized as one of the most difficult to break through the barrier,because it is difficult to climb.
Product specification
Panel height
1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m, 3m
Panel width
2.2m, 2.4m, 3m
Hole size
12.7×76.2mm, 12.5x75mm
Wire Thickness
Post length
2700mm, 3000mm, 3600mm
Post size
60x60mm, 60x80mm, 80x80mm
Steel wire
Surface treatment
Hot dipped galvanized or Powder coated or PVC coated
Detail Images
Product inspection
Anti climb fence type
Installation diagram
Product features
Anti climb fence drawing
We have professional designers to design according to your site conditions and requirements, and give plane drawings and 3D videos to show you.
4. Powder coating line
Product Application
Product packing
The fence panels will be packed with plastic film and steel pallet or wood case,customers can decide how to pack it. In any case, we will carefully pack the goods and deliver the goods safely to the customer. If there is any damage, please contact us and we will take care of it for you.