aviary bird cage


aviary bird cage


Why do you need it?

There are many reasons to buy an aviary bird cage and an outdoor cage aviary. A large cage aviary gives your pets and birds enough space to move in a more natural environment. Our aviary panels are modular; it comes with 4ft wide and 6ft high panels, thus allowing you to make a giant metal bird aviary as you wish. The outdoor bird aviary has bolt holes on both faces of the frame. This could make it easier to connect in the future. Of course, if it is a round tube framework, we could have the outdoor aviary bird cage connected by clips.


  • All modular panels of aviary bird cage can be set up in many configurations, even stackable
  • 3’x3′ mesh panels with 11-gauge welded wire
  • 1″x1″ inch mesh openings, no exposed ends
  • Black Powder-coated
  • Portable, Easy to assemble ( Shelving Not Included )
  • Overall size:6’X6’X6’h
  • 1″ Tube Steel Frame Construction

Feature Of Bird Aviary House

  • Powder Coated Steel Aviary Interior / Exterior
  • Decorative, attractive look
  • Predator Resistant Metal Roofing
  • Aviary Easily Assembled
  • High Gloss Black Exterior Finish
  • Houses Up To 8 Medium to Large Birds




OTHER TYPES OF aviary bird cage

– Height: 157 cm (roof included)

– Outside Cage: 130cm x 52cm x 52 cm (H / W / D)

– Square base

– With a convenient litter (which can be removed for cleaning)

– Grid above the litter (prevents the bird from getting out when the litter is removed)

– 2 grid openings

– 4 Perches can be positioned anywhere on the grid

– 4 swivel wheels for easy movement

– Grand manager compartmentalized with poles (used both for food and the water)

It- Also designed for small birds with a small grid spacing between bars



Please note that MOQ is a 20 set aviary birdcage. We take pride in being able to offer quality, custom-built, suspended, and conventional aviaries and cages to suit all types of birds and parrots. Over the past 20 years, experience has helped us develop critical features and designs when constructing our breeding and housing aviaries. We can also offer cages and enclosures for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lizards, and poultry. We are happy to discuss your options if you have a specific request. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss quotes, sizes, and availability. Right: Suspended 9m Macaw Cage Above and Below: Standard suspended aviaries made to order will soon be stocking a select range of pre-made cages available for smaller birds and individual parrots. Please re-visit our site for updates. Above: Custom Suspended 9m Flight Cage


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