chain link dog kennels for sale

chain link dog kennels for sale is ideal for large dogs. A heavy-duty hinge and simple locking system make it easier to use with high quality and durable material. Medium-chain link mesh size prevents pets’ legs from being caught. Pets can be one of the best additions to any family and are a sure-fire way to bring joy to any home. The kennel legs allow easy cleaning when the unit is placed on a hard flat surface. Square corners at the bottom of each panel and gate better contain small pets. No holes to dig, concrete to mix or wire to stretch. Portability helps to prevent lawn damage.


1. chain link dog kennels for sale raw materials are galvanized pipes and chain link rollers; it increases the life of the dog kennel, but it is also stronger and bite-proof.
2. Top canopy raw material is made of 100% polyethylene, is fire-resistant and UV protected, protecting from sun, rain, snow and other weather conditions.
3. Dog door with lockable latch system provides additional security and convenience.
4. The chain-link fence is spacious, and the heavy-duty chain-link Dog kennel provides enough room for your pet to exercise safely. Its rust deterring all-steel galvanized fittings and frames while enabling ventilation.
chain link dog kennels for sale chain link dog kennels for sale
Specification chain link dog kennels
Dog kennel specification
1. Raw material
galvanized tube and chain link roll
2. Frame tube
round tube, diameter 32mm
3. Tube thickness
0.9mm for UK,USA,CA,RU market
1.0mm or 1.2mm for AU,NZ,SG market
4.Chain link
wire thickness 2.3mm / 2.5mm / 3.0mm
mesh size: 50mm x 50mm / 55mm x 55mm / 60mm x 60mm

chain link dog kennels for sale size

(With Roof&Without Roof

chain link dog kennels for sale is perfect for keeping your pet safe, sheltered & happy. It is lightweight, low maintenance, simple to assemble, and suitable for unfenced backyards. The heavy-duty canopy keeps the worst of the weather off, keeping your animal warm and dry in the rain or cool and shaded in the summer heat. The UV resistant fabric prevents cracking, fading or peeling, so you know it can stand up to life in a Kiwi backyard.


  • Our chain link dog kennels for sale Keep your pet safe, sheltered protection for your animals Galvanized steel construction.
  • Low maintenance and built to last Easy to assemble,
  • modular construction UV and water-resistant canopy
  • Heavy-duty 2.0mm wire mesh (50mm x 50mm gaps) Perfect steel outdoor pen kennel for dogs, dogs, or small animals.
  • Premium commercial grade steel, durable powder-coated, protects against rust resistance.
  • Frame fits together easily and tightens with set screws.
  • Round edged design on four corners enhanced safety suitable for all kinds of pets.
  • The complete chain link mesh system makes it is breathable wide-sighted.

how to assemble a chain link dog kennel

chain link dog kennels for sale


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