chain link dog kennels

Chain link dog kennels make the perfect fence for keeping dogs and other small animals. The visibility of the fence allows animals to see out and not feel too “fenced in,” while the chain-link material holds up well against chewing and clawing. The chain link is strong and can hold in even the most determined pet.
  • We mainly manufacture chain link dog cages, square tube dog cages, dog fence, dog running cages etc.
  • We have a professional designer who can design the dog cages according to your market.
  • Our primary markets are the USA, Canada, UK, Poland, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, India etc.

Specification chain link dog kennels

  • Material: hot-dipped galvanized steel frame and chain link fabric
  • Wire diameter: 11 gauge, 12 gauge, 13 gauge
  • Mesh opening: 2.4″ × 2.4″ (61 mm × 61 mm)
  • Tube diameter: 1.25″ (32 mm)
  • Item: chain link dog kennel hinge.
  • Material: pressed steel.
  • Pipe: 1-3/8 in.
  • Hardware: 3/8″ × 2″ carriage bolts.
  • Finish: galvanizationnization.
  • Optional sizes:
    • 7.5′ (L) × 7.5′ (W) × 4 (H)
      229 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 122 cm (H)
    • 10′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 6′ (H)
      305 cm (L) × 305 cm (W) × 183 cm (H)
    • 13′ (L) × 7.5′ (W) × 6′ (H)
      396 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 183 cm (H)
    • 13′ (L) × 13′ (W) × 6′ (H)
      396 cm (L) × 229 cm (W) × 183 cm (H)


chain link dog kennels gate latch is specially designed for dog kennels, and animals minimize the gap between the gate and the frame. A tighter gap results in fewer escapes of your pets from the kennel and keeps them safer than if you are using another regular gate latch. It would help if you lifted the latch for a standard fork latch, and the gate will be open. However, it would help to lift the latch straight up before turning for the dog-proof kennel latch. Most dogs fail to flip the latches and escape.
Chain link dog kennels gate hinges are designed for a tight fit. The tighter the spacing between the frame and the gate, the less chance of escaping for your pets. Unlike standard hinges, including female and male hinges, these kennel hinges eliminate the female hinge by bolting the strap portion to the frame and fitting the male portion into the gate. Another critical difference is that the space between hinge and frame is much shorter than standard hinges. Two kennel hinges per gate at the top and bottom. Kennel hinges are only used for 1-3/8″ pipe. 3/8″ × 2″ also include carriage bolts
Dog kennel gate latch. Kennel gate latch for a single gate. Welded wire mesh kennel gate hinge.
Galvanized kennel gate latch. chain link dog kennels gate latch Kennel gate male hinge used in welded wire mesh panels.


chain link dog kennels saddle clamps or panel clamps are used to secure two panels together. They are widely used in installing a dog kennel and temporary panels. Available for the pipe with 1-3/8, 1-5/8 and 2 inches outside diameter. One set of carriage bolts and nuts is required.

Product description:

  • Item: dog kennel panel saddle clamp.
  • Magalvanizedlvanized press steel.
  • Pipe size: 1-3/8, 1-5/8 and 2 in.
  • Carriage bolt: 5/16″ × 1-1/4″.
Saddle clamps connecting two chain-link panels.
  • Item: dog kennel gate latch.
  • Material: pressed steel.
  • Post side: 1-3/8 in.
  • Gate frame: 1-3/8 in.
  • Finish: galvanization

Photo chain link dog kennels

High Quality Chain Link Dog Kennel Panels


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