Dog Cage


Wire dog cage, also called dog training crates or dog training cages, are specially designed for pets training and breeding system. The durable, safe and comfortable dog wire cages can help you effectively complete your training.

Plastic handle for easy & convenient carrying Sliding out plastic pan for easy cleanup
wire-dog-crate-plastic-handle wire-dog-crate-plastic-pan
Slide bolt latch for safe and easy enclosure Collapsible for easy storage and transport
wire-dog-cage-latch collapsible-dog-training-crate

Specification Dog Cage

Item Size Package Pet Weight
WC-XS 20″ (L) × 13″ (W) × 16″ (H)
52 cm (L) × 33 cm (W) × 41 cm (H)
1 PC/CNT Less than 10 pounds
(less than 4.5 kg)
WC-S 24″ (L) × 16″ (W) × 20″ (H)
61 cm (L) × 41 cm (W) × 51 cm (H)
1 PC/CNT 10–25 pounds
(4.5–11 kg)
WC-M 30″ (L) × 18″ (W) × 20″ (H)
(76 cm (L)× 46 cm (W) × 51 cm (H))
1 PC/CNT 20–50 pounds
(9–23 kg)
WC-L 36″ (L) × 22″ (W) × 25″ (H)
91 cm (L) × 56 cm (W) × 64 cm (H)
1 PC/CNT 50–75 pounds
(23–34 kg)
WC-XL 42″ (L) × 27″ (W) × 29″ (H)
107 cm (L) × 69 cm (W) × 74 cm (H)
1 PC/CNT 75–90 pounds
(34–41 kg)
WC-XXL 48″ (L) × 29″ (W) × 31″ (H)
122 cm (L) × 74 cm (W) × 79 cm (H)
1 PC/CNT Larger than 90 pounds
(larger than 91 kg)
OEM & ODM are accepted for eBay & Amazon online stores. CONTACT US to request a quote.

Choose the welded dog kennel or chain link dog kennel if you need a more sturdy dog cage for your large dogs. Or, if you need the playpen to please and exercise your pets indoors or outdoors, browse the EXERCISE PENS.


  • EBAY & AMAZON. Professional factory to eBay and Amazon stores.
  • ONE UNIT, ONE PACKAGE. All the dog cage individual packages can satisfy your transfers and deliveries. Also best for storage.
  • OEM & ODM Accepted. Fully customize for your store and suit your local market needs.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES. X-Small to XX-Large dog crate or dog cage to all your kinds of pet in all growth stages.
  • MULTIPLE DOOR OPTIONS. Single, double and triple door design for your different requirements.
  • SAFE.
    • No burrs and sharp edges avoid accidentally hurting.
    • Powder coating is non-toxic and tasteless for your pets’ health.
    • Slide bolt latch
  • DURABLE. Baked on black powder coating supplies more excellent adhesion for corrosion and resistance.
  • EASY CLEANUP. Removable plastic pan for easy cleanup in the accident events.
  • EASY USE. Set up and set down are straightforward. No tools, one person and several seconds.
  • EASY CARRYING. Plastic carrying handles make moving and carrying quickly and conveniently.
  • COLLAPSIBLE. Save space, easy storage and transport.

Optional Of Dog Cages Door Types

Single door dog crate Three-door dog crate
Side and front open double door Dog Cage With Top and side door opened the double door


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