dog chain link kennel

We offer a high-quality dog chain link kennel, including all the accessories of different sizes. These dog kennels are suitable for all sizes of dogs and highly durable dog fences to stand Australian weather. Our products are great for dog training, dog breeders and pet owners. The complete chain link kennel has cast aluminium square corner fittings for strength and animal safety. The panel has a 1-inch clearance underneath and open bottoms on the vertical tubing for drainage. Galvanized steel tubing & chain link fabric are used. Set up only 15 minutes for a 4-panel unit & requires only one 1/2″ wrench; there are no holes to dig. No concrete to mix & no wire to stretch. Set up requires only two clamps at each corner. Rust-resistant galvanized steel construction. Modular pre-assembled panels. The 1″ kennel legs allow easy cleaning when the unit is placed on a hard flat surface. Square corners at the bottom of each panel and gate better contain small pets. No holes to dig, concrete to mix or wire to stretch. Portability helps to prevent lawn damage with vertical bracing. Set-up requires only one 1/2″ wrench for easy assembly. Frame design allows condensation to drain freely.


A dog chain link kennel is a shelter or house-like structure for pets enclosed with plastic, metal bars or wire mesh. A dog kennel keeps your dog in confinement and provides him with a safe and comfortable place. Is a valuable tool for dog owners, especially those who don’t have a fenced yard or garden.

Features dog chain link kennel

Handsome design and compact size
Durable rust-resistant, black powder coat finish
Security groove provides extra safety for your dog
Pinch-proof gate configures to left or right opening
No holes to dig
A pair of pliers is all you need
Easily movable
Can sit on ground or concrete pad


Specification of Chain Link dog kennel
Galvanized tube and chain link fence rolling
wire diameter
mesh size
dog kennel height
dog kennel L(m)*W(m)
1.8*1.8, 2.3*2.3, 3*3, 4*2.3, 4*4
Surface Treatment
Kennel Dimensions
Galvanized Tube
Door Dimensions
Product specifications can be customized according to your needs


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