heavy duty dog playpen

A heavy-duty dog playpen is specially designed to supply larger and safer space than wire exercise pens for your pets playing and exercising. It is available for INDOORS & OUTDOORS.

Classical 8-panel playpen structure allows for multiple shapes for your pets’ most flexible, comfortable, and efficient enclosure.

Specification Heavy duty dog playpen

24″ to 40″ height heavy duty dog playpen are ideal for dogs, puppies, cats, ducks, and other pets you want to contain.

Item Playpen Size Package
HEPS-01 24″ × 30″ × 8 PCS
61 cm × 76 cm × 6/8 PCS
HEPS-02 32″ × 30″ × 8 PCS
81 cm × 76 cm × 6/8 PCS
HEPS-03 40″ × 30″ × 8 PCS
102 cm × 76 cm × 6/8 PCS
Depending on the gender and the possibility of mixed ancestry, your dog may need a smaller or larger home than listed. CONTACT US for recommendations.


  • Our heavy-duty dog playpen Indoor & outdoor are available. Better for outdoor use.
  • It is not suitable for use on a hard surface.
  • A grass or compacted soil area is ideal for placing this playpen.
  • Our Dog Kennel is 6 or 8 panels can be supplied.
  • Please note you should purchase the same height. 24″, 32″, and 40″ for your choice.
  • All panels have the same width, 24″ or 61 cm.
Heavy-duty dog playpen protects pets from dangerous places. Heavy-duty dog playpens can keep dogs far away from flowers.
heavy-x-pens-riverside heavy-x-pens-flower


  • EBAY & AMAZON. Professional factory to eBay and Amazon stores.
  • ONE UNIT, ONE PACKAGE. The individual package can satisfy your transfers and deliveries. Also best for storage.
  • MULTIPLE SHAPE CONFIGURATIONS. Rectangular, square, octagon and L shape to please your pets.
  • MULTIPLE HEIGHT OPTIONS. 24″, 32″ and 40″ for your different size pets.
  • COLLAPSIBLE. Easy operation and collapsible structure are space-saving and convenient for carrying anywhere.
  • EASY OPERATE. Set up and set down are all convenient and fast. It needs no special skills and tools.
  • DURABLE. Powder coating surface increases the corrosion and rust resistance, even in the harshest weather and outdoors.
  • FULLY WELDED. Complete welded structure avoids structure breakage during using outdoors.
  • SAFE. All our dog playpen No burrs and sharp edges may hurt pets. And stable metal long stake can prevent a structure from falling over.
Strong full welding for durable and firm The latch can secure your pets in the pens safely.
heavy-duty-dog-playpen-strong heavy-duty-exercise-pens-latch
Collapsible structure for easy transportation and storage. One unit in one package for perfect storage and convenient transfers.
heavy-duty-exercise-pen-collapsible heavy-duty-exercise-pen-package
Multiple shape configurations.

AVAILABLE COLORS heavy duty dog playpen

Hammigrid. Black.
hammigrid-heavy-duty-exercise-pen black-heavy-duty-exercise-pen

 Available Latch Types

Economical gate latch. Durable gate latch.
economical-exercise-pen-latch durable-exercise-pen-latch

HEP-05: Octagon shape. HEP-06: rectangular shape.
heavy-duty-exercise-pen-octagon heavy-duty-exercise-pen-rectangular
Square shape. L shape.
heavy-duty-exercise-pen-square heavy-duty-exercise-pen-l



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