large outdoor dog kennel

You can set up a large outdoor dog kennel quickly, allowing your pet to enjoy fresh air within safe confines. Constructed of rust-resistant galvanized steel, this Kennel will last season after season. You can assemble it with a friend in less than an hour, and in no time, your dog will be bouncing around inside, in full view and safe to chill. 10L x 10L gives him plenty of room and you plenty of peace of mind. Locks every link to the frame, giving you the most secure fastening system available.

There are two significant styles of dog kennel: Chain link dog runs, and welded wire mesh dog runs.

Chain link dog kennels Welded wire mesh dog kennel
large outdoor dog kennel chain link mesh



Our Large Outdoor dog Kennel is ready to use, easy to handle, a rigid, solid tube. Integrated door with secure closure. Functional multi-resistant economic practice.

Surface treatment of large outdoor dog kennel

Electro-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized is a protective zinc coating to steel or iron to prevent rusting. Although galvanization can be done with electrochemical and electrodeposition processes, the most common method is hot-dip galvanization. Steel parts are submerged in a bath of molten zinc.


Choosing a large outdoor dog kennel can give you a quick and affordable solution to provide your best friend with a safe home to rest in. Also, our dog kennel offers superior construction and a sleek and stylish finish. Youn goes with either our panel or boxed lines; each cage is a rust-resistant hat with a galvanized steel construction and easy assembly.

General Specification sizeable outdoor dog kennel

Size (H X L) 4feetx10feet, 6feet x 10feet, 8 feet x 10feet
Infill Mesh Opening 60x120mm,50mm x100mm, 100mm x 200mm,
Wire Diameter Range From 3.00mm to 5.00mm
Outer&Middle Frame Pole outdoor dog kennel 30mmx30mm,25mmx25mm,20mmx20mm , round tubes 32mm 38mm for chain link dog kennel

Thickness 1.5mm,2.0mm,2.5mm,3.00mm

Finish Electro-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized
Delivery Time From 1-5 containers promptly delivered within 28 days

Chain Link Dog Kennel Specification

Create a full-size large outdoor chain link dog kennel from the contents of a single box. The BMP do-it-yourself box kennel can be transported easily and set up quickly with the help of a few simple hand tools. The BMPchain link dog kennel is made with rust-resistant galvanized steel and has an easy to connect design for a simple frame assembly. All materials are included.
material hot dipped galvanized wire and tube
Surface Treatment Hot zinc plating
Size large  dog kennel 13x13x6ft(4x4x1.8m)







Galvanized Tube Diameter 32mm
Diameter 2.3mm(popular),2.5mm,3.0mm
Mesh Spacing Chain link:60x60mm
With Roof or Not Based on the customer’s request
User For Pets,dog,cat,animal
Packaging 5-ply corrugated carton
We can produce as your detail requirements

Specification weld mesh dog kennel outdoor

The features of the dog kennel :

1) Large outdoor weld mesh dog kennel set-up in less than 30 minutes
2) Provide containment for your permanent pet
3) Especially fitted for larger breeds
4) Offering full access to the open sky
5) All components are attached with screws, Easy to assemble and portable enough to be easily repositioned.
6) No sharp edges to stab or scratch
7) High secured lock systems for more safety
8) Our large dog kennel is designed for the safety, security and comfort of your dog.

large outdoor dog kennel weld mesh
Wire Diameter
Tube size
SHS 19.05mmx19.05mm
410 sets
SHS 19.05mmx19.05mm
240 sets
Round tube 33.34mm
220 sets
The up is normal types; we can provide custom made dog cages; if specified requirements, welcome to contact us.

Packing and Loading

large outdoor dog kennel container loading
large outdoor dog kennel packing


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