Metal Chicken Coop


Metal Chicken Coop, also called metal chicken runs, are constructed from heavy-duty galvanized steel frames. PVC coated chicken wires are designed to offer spacious space for your chicken, duck and other poultry and even rabbits. Optional half covers can protect chickens from burning suns, rains, snows and other bad weathers.

Specifications Metal Chicken Coop

Item Coop Size Package
MCCS-01 10′ (L) × 7′ (W) × 7′ (H)
305 cm (L) × 213 cm (W) × 213 cm (H)
MCCS-02 10′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 7′ (H)
305 cm (L) × 305 cm (W) × 213 cm (H)
MCCS-03 13′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 7′ (H)
396 cm (L) × 305 cm (W) × 213 cm (H)
MCCS-04 20′ (L) × 10′ (W) × 7′ (H)
610 cm (L) × 305 cm (W) × 213 cm (H)
Any special sizes of Chicken Coop can be freely customized according to customers’ requirements and we still sell chain link dog kennels Just feel free to CONTACT US.

Metal walk-in chicken coop in farm

 Chicken Run in the backyard
metal-walk-in-chicken-run-farm metal-walk-in-chicken-coop-backyard


  • EBAY & AMAZON. Professional factory to eBay and Amazon stores.
  • ONE UNIT, ONE PACKAGE. The individual package can satisfy your transfers and deliveries. Also best for storage.
  • OEM & ODM Accepted. Fully customise for your store and suit your local market needs.
  • INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SUPPLY. Installation instruction manuals will be delivered per unit for fast installation.
  • MULTIPLE SIZE SPACIOUS SPACE. 10′ to 20′ lengths accommodate most breeds and ensure freely and happily exercise, playing and resting.
  • HEAVY GALVANIZED FRAMES. Corrosion and rust resistance for long service life. Solid and firm structure to withstand heavy winds.
  • GREEN HEXAGONAL WIRE MESH. PVC coated woven hexagonal wire mesh (chicken wire) supplies durable and long service life. No sharp edge structure makes it safe for chickens or other poultry.
  • CONSIDERATE WATERPROOF ROOF. Canvas waterproof covers are contained to protect chickens, dogs, rabbits, ducks from rains, snows and burning sun.
  • LOCKABLE GATES. Metal Chicken Coop Lockable gates can prevent chickens, dogs and other animals from escaping from coops.
PVC coated chicken wire for durable and flexible structure The Metal Chicken Coop lock is escaping proof for pets and poultry
walk-in-chicken-run-chicken-wire metal-walk-in-chicken-run-lock
heavy duty galvanized frame for strong and anti-corrosion structure Firm fastening to withstand heavy winds
metal-poultry-pen-frame large-walk-in-chicken-run-ball-bungee
Metal Chicken Coop Canvas cover protects poultry from burning suns, rains and snows One unit in one package and an installation instruction manual are included.
metal-poultry-run-roof metal-chicken-run-package Metal Chicken Coop


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