metal dog playpen

This metal dog playpen is made of premium metal wires. A non-toxic painted frame guarantees excellent sturdiness and durability. 8 detachable panels (for one set) can be set up in different shapes to meet your needs. If you need a giant fence for your pets to enjoy running, combine the two sets to get a sizeable semi-enclosed playground. Also, a door with a latch and metal anchor ground stakes help keep your little pets securely confined in place when you are not around. This foldable playpen can be collapsed for easy storing and is also simple to set up in minutes. Don’t hesitate to get one for your beloved pets!

Item No metal dog playpen

Size(cm) H*W

Size(Inch) H*W

Packing Size(cm) Package


60*77(H*W) 23.6*31”(H*W) L63*W82*H14.5


018-2-8 60*80(H*W) 23.6*31.5”(H*W) L63**W85*H14.5 1pcs/carton
018-3-8 80*77(H*W) 31.5*31”(H*W) L82**W82*H14.5 1pcs/carton
018-4-8 80*80(H*W) 31.5*31.5”(H*W)


018-5-8 metal dog playpen 100*77(H*W) 39.7*31”(H*W) L102**W82*H14.5 1pcs/carton
018-6-8 120*77(H*W) 47*31”(H*W) L123**W85*H14.5 1pcs/carton
018-7-8 100*80(H*W) 39.7*31.5”(H*W) L102**W85*H14.5 1pcs/carton


H22c533225b5e46bba9d9ffa86d47dd87e Hb8ad1ac2c91a497e929eb527ce951e245 metal dog playpen details H7f292a82244b41d696813a9ab2d459f2R H827a3d7b1fb94d7e9fda049e13cdf5aeu

Environmental Protection PaintingFour processes of painting and colouring ensure uniform painting, not easy to fall off, rust.

Original Thick Steel Wire and Square Tube

All materials are made of 100% raw materials, which are solid and durable.

 dog playpen with4.6mm Solid Pin

The clearance between the pin and the jack is small, and the panel fits tightly to prevent the pet from being pinched.

Excellent Welding Technology

Fine welding of parts, longer service life

Provide A Variety of Customized Services

Provide small order customized packaging, retail, dropshipping and Amazon customized packaging.

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