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Crate your dog in a safe and secure space with high-quality  Single Door Folding Dog Wire cages. The spacious Dog Crates is available in six different dimensions to accommodate the smallest and largest dogs and all those in between. The wire panel design of this dog cage variety allows for maximum visibility so your dog can always see what’s going on, and you can always tell with just a glance how your dog is doing.

Feature Wire Dog Crate

  • Safe and secure slide bolt latch
  • Folding Crate with carrying handle makes for easy movement, setup or storage with no tools required.
  • The divider panel lets you adjust the living area as your pet grows
  • Composite pan makes cleaning up accidents easy

Our Wire Dog Crate is perfect for training or keeping him safely contained while you’re away, this crate is larger with thicker and heavier wiring than our standard Dog crate for added security. Each panel is constructed with rounded corners for your pet’s safety. The two large doors—one at the front and one on the side—give you more placement options in the home, and they make an exit and entry a breeze in the car. This crate also features a protective, black electro-coat finish that means it’s made to last and a secure lock with dual latches on the larger models. An included divider panel allows you to create a smaller space for a growing pup, and the base pan offers easy cleanup and added comfort. Assembly is simple—no tools required! It even folds flat with adjustable handles, allowing you to bring it wherever your pup goes.

Dimensions wire dog crate




  • Heavy-duty wire dog crates are made with rounded corners, a protective, black electro-powder coat finish, and thicker wiring than our standard Frisco crate.
  • Two doors (one at the front and one on the side) allow for easy vehicle access and easy home positioning, with secure locking and dual slide latches on the larger models.
  • A removable divider panel allows you to create a smaller space, so your puppy can grow into the crate.
  • Includes a durable plastic pan that can quickly be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Wire Dog Crate Fold-and-carry construction with adjustable handles makes it great for travelling. Easy assembly with no tools!


Specifications Wire Dog Crate

Model Material Open size Carton size N.W G.W CBM/CTN
18″ metal wire 18″x12″x15″ (46x30x38cm) 49*11*33cm 2.7 3.2 0.018
24″ metal wire 24″x17″x20″ (61x43x51cm) 63*11*47cm 4.8 5.5 0.033
30″ metal wire 30″x19″x22″ (75x49x55cm) 78*11*52cm 6.5 7.3 0.045
36″ metal wire 36″x23″x26″ (91x58x66cm) 93*11*62cm 8.8 9.8 0.064
42″ metal wire 42″x28″x31″ (105x71x79cm) 107.5*11*75cm 11.4 12.8 0.089
48″ metal wire 48″x30″x32″ (123x76x83cm) 125*11*80cm 13.2 15 0.11

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